Living in a city or village? Which one is better? Let’s have some discussion about this topic. I find this is interesting when some people only can see the bad side of living in a city. Here i would like to share some of my own opinion about this topic. At first, i think living in a village is much more better than living in a city. There are many advantages if we can stay there. I mean in a village. But after i did some observation, i see that living in a village also have disadvantages. For me, living in a village is more complicated compared to living in a city. As we all know, city has many facilities such as public transportation. This public transportation ease us to go anywhere we want. Yes, living in a city require a lot of money. But all of the money are just for our needs and facilities. We are easy to find social places in a city compared to village. A shopping complex is one of the example of social places. It is hard to find a place that is as our entertainment like cinema, karaoke or any other places. So what do we have in the village for entertainment? It is also easy to find a job when we live in a city. This is one of the reason why i choose that living in the city is better than the village. Since im not living in village, i can assume that city is better. However, everything have advantage and disadvantage of itself. So we all can have our own assumption for this topic. But remember, don’t forget to support your assumption with some observation or information. All of the point are just my opinion. How about yours? Post your opinion and i’ll visit your blog okay? I think that’s all for this entry. Take care, bye!